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Nate Rojas loves everything about science and technology. In fact, he wants to learn these throughout his entire life. With all this knowledge Nate hopes to work on interesting projects that help people and enhance our lifestyles.

With his passion for the sciences - and an aversion for student loan debt - Nate took to used books and affordable online learning. In his search, Nate found many great disciplines but they all seemed to lack some component of his interests. Finally, Nate came upon the field of AI and realized that this truly was the universal field he had been seeking - he learned everything he could about the field since this discovery.

Eventually, Nate earned several certificates in machine learning (see below). Nate is continuously seeking further education and is now seeking a career in AI.

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Deep Learning Specialization
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Machine Learning
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I think that I'm a good fit for at least one cool AI team...

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The Math of Deep Learning


A rigorous derivation of backprop

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Lyapunov's Cathedral

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An experiment with Neural Style Transfer

A* - A classic algorithm


An intuitive proof of optimality

I'm proud of this one because it helped others to understand

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