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Nate is an excellent coder, math enthusiast & lifelong learner.



Nate Rojas is a disciplined self-taught programmer. He codes almost every day and continuously learns about new technologies.

Passions: Mathematics,Programming,AI/ML,Design,Photography,Reading, a passion

Nate's Present

Current studies: Containerizing and deploying complex applications built on top of modern front & back end technologies.

Current research interest: Hacking Neural Networks* & Real time human pose understanding.

The Plan

Nate is currently developing his skills as a full stack web developer with an emphasis on deploying scalable apps. On top of these skills he intends to continue building his knowledge of machine learning & AI so that he can integrate modern technologies into usefull apps.

"if all i had was euler's number i think that i'd be all the better for it."

The Dream

Nate seeks to become a pure and applied Mathematician with an emphasis on theoretical & practical AI - one day retiring as a math instructor.

QED \blacksquare
* Analytically exploring their vulnerabilities [link]
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